Frequently Asked Questions

How long do most repairs take? Most repairs can be done in 1 to 2 days.  However the severity of damage may require more time. 

Do you have a Warranty on repairs? Dent Magic has a Lifetime Warranty on all repairs.  When the job is completed you  will receive an itemized invoice stating all the panels we repaired. When Dent Magic works in your town, we establish several relationships with local shops to handle all of our warranty claims.

Why do shops ask me who my insurance company is before they give me an estimate? Shops ask that because there are certain companies that pay more and some pay  less when receiving an estimate.  We at Dent Magic do not need that information to write an estimate!  Dent Magic will perform quality repairs at a fair price regardless who your insurance carrier is!

What if my check from the insurance company is more than your estimate? Dent Magic‘s estimates represent what will get fixed on the  car.  If your insurance check is for more than what we write, then that money belongs to you or your insurance carrier.  Dent Magic has no interest in that money!

What if my insurance estimate is less than Dent Magic’s estimate? This is very common in a catastrophic storm.  Many companies are estimating cars so quickly that many panels get missed or miss quoted by insurance companies.  Dent Magic will work with ALL insurance companies to get what you deserve to get your car fixed the right way!  This is referred to as a supplement.  When you car arrives we will inspect the damage under florescent lighting and call the insurance company within 3 hours to have a re-inspect performed.  Most re-inspects take anywhere from 2-3 days before an adjuster gets to the shop!

What’s different between Dent Magic and other companies?  Dent Magic uses full time employees that work for our company 12  months a year!  Most hail repair companies use SUB-CONTRACTORS who work for 10-15 different companies each year!  Our technicians repair EVERY car like it is their own.  The owners of Dent Magic are generally at the location at all times.  In the event there is a problem, you will not have to go through layers of management to get the problem solved!

Will my paint be damaged? No, today’s factory paints are very flexible and will not be damaged in  any way by this process.  PDR is the only way to repair a dent and keep your factory finish.

Will the leasing company charge me if I don’t fix my hail damage? Yes, the leasing companies will charge a substantial amount of money if  you do not fix   the  hail on your car.  These fees are significantly higher than what you got paid from your insurance company!

What if I do not want my entire vehicle fixed?  Dent Magic will estimate your entire vehicle on estimate guide that has all panels separated.  If you choose  not to do a panel we simply deduct that from the estimate!

What is Dent Magic’s goal when fixing my car? Dent Magic takes pride in every repair!  We stress to our employees to  fix it right  the 1st time.  Our second goal is to do such a good job that you tell all your friends where to go get their car fixed!  Word of mouth is the best type of advertising in our business! 


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This is a demonstration of our Paintless Dent Repair process. Contact us to see an actual demo of hail repair work.